Eye Care Services

Temmen Advanced Eye Care offers an array of services.

Eye exam equipment
In addition to measuring your vision, fitting your contacts and glasses, our comprehensive eye exams also assess your eye health. Systemic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure can also be detected and monitored with yearly eye exams.
Different colored lenses for glasses
In-house lab
Our state-of-the-art lab allows us to fabricate lenses on site.
Optos retinal scan technology
Optos retinal scan
With this technology, we can get a 200-degree view of the back of your eye without dilation. We use Optos to diagnose glaucoma, macular degeneration and more.
Contact lens on a fingertip
Corneal refractive eye therapy (CRT)
CRT is for patients who are not candidates for laser vision correction. It uses gas permeable lenses, which are worn while sleeping, to gently correct your vision. This is a non-surgical method to reduce nearsightedness and astigmatism that provides freedom from glasses and contacts during the day.
Blurred vision, see the difference.
Age-related Macular Degeneration Testing (AMD)
AMD is rapidly becoming the leading cause of vision loss in adults. We offer testing and vitamin therapy with Zeaxanthin. For reorders call 1-866-833-2800 or visit www.zeavision.com and use code 10510.
Girl putting in a contact lens
Contact Lenses Information

Temmen Advanced Eyecare has hundreds of boxes of contact lenses in stock for immediate pick up. We have gas permeable contact lenses and brands like Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue One Day TrueEyes, Cibacision AirOptix-Agua, Air Optix Night:Day, Focus Dailies Aqua, and Coopervision Biofinity Monthly lenses.

Ask for year supply discounts and rebates. When you purchase your disposable lenses from Temmen Advanced Eyecare it is our priviledge to provide a free sample size of contact lens solution and one trial pair of lenses per year to replace lost or torn lenses.

We can ship lenses to any address in the United States for the cost of postage. You may also reorder your lenses online.

Woman taking a Visioffice examination
Visioffice Information

Just like your fingerprints, your eyes are unique. They need a unique pair of lenses. The Visioffice System offers you a truly personalized visual solution. It is the most technically advanced system avaialbe today. The measurements taken with the Visioffice System allow us to create exclusive personalized lenses just for you.

The Visioffice System takes precise measurements to offer you personalized vision. It takes up to 20 measurements in addition to your prescription.

Because of these precise measurements, we can recommend from an exclusive Varilux line of personalized lenses including Varilux Ipseo, Varilux eyecode, or Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit.